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 NASTY (Cee lo or no?)

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PostSubject: NASTY (Cee lo or no?)   Mon May 09, 2011 12:49 pm

Wow some people are convinced that Nasty is a new song, some are convinced its old and probably an unreleased track from B2B or Burlesque. Some people insist its Cee Lo Green on the track and others say its not, that it sounds nothing like him. The Debate BEGINS!

Side A
*Say it doesnt sound like cee lo, if anything sounds like an old sample of a 50s/60s song.
* Christina was just mentioning she would like to work with cee lo a month ago and therefore that isnt enough time to make this track already in between the voice tappings
*since Premo tweeted Christina was ready to begin on the next album theoretically that means she has not yet or has not done any recording so far.
*Some fans have insisted her vocals in the song emulate 2007 and theres no way its new material (this makes no sense to me but whatver)
*Some fans say there is no way cee lo would be on this song.
*the biggest arguement is that the leaker claims the song was a cast off from b2b and since he has the song his word is the one they wish to believe.Afterall he does have the tracks so its legitimate to believe he would know what they are and what they were made for.

Team B
*Christina has a private home studio in which some fans think a month is plenty of time to record a song especially if it was already ready and just needed the vocals added.
*Christina might have said she wanted to work with cee lo but considering her secretive past regarding her new material, theres a good chance she was alluding to something she already knew was or had happened.
*Premo might have said she was ready to start on her new album but does that mean its physically undeniable that no songs have been recorded as of yet? Perhaps some fans are taking the phrase "ready to start" a little to literal?
*Something tells me the leaker was not supposed to be leaking that stuff and no fan on the planet can convince me otherwise and if you are a fan and you think that Christina as private as she is would ever be ok with these takes and tracks being leaked, then they clearly know nothing about her. So at best case scenario this guy has violeted the trust and confidence put into him IF he is even telling the truth about himself and why he has them! Hello its the internet! I cant say pretty much anything I want! Doesnt it seem fishy that Christina would send takes that clearly wasnt happy with and private moments with her family and husband being silly on the microphone to be mixed? Christina is a perfectionist, why send things that cant be used?


Bottom line I am 99% sure its a new song and its cee lo. not just because it sounds like him but because i dont go around trusting guys who leak things they are not supposed to, it doesnt exactly paint a picture of honesty and rightousness. also I had johns dad whos a toal 50s-60s buff and dj for motown doo wop online place and he doesnt recognize the song as a sample nor has anyone on the net, I think its odd for as fast as leaks travel and as fast as we usually get answers on things that no person has come forth to say "oh that thats a sample from this song"

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PostSubject: Re: NASTY (Cee lo or no?)   Mon May 09, 2011 4:17 pm

This raises a good point. It does have the big band feel of B2B cd but I am just not sure. She did mention that there were a lot of tracks from the B2B cd that she loved andd just couldn't get rid of, so it is possible this is one that she may put on the new record. Really, considering all the leaks are not the best quality I am not going to make a decision on who it is or where it is from. I mean I have even heard an argument for it to be Aretha Franklin (which I do not think is true).
I will add that I really liked it! It was almost like Dirrty meets B2B, and that one note *drool* If it is on the new CD then I really can't wait to hear it in its full glory. Can't wait for this new record!
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NASTY (Cee lo or no?)
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